behavioral medicine course

This course is designed to support new and established investigators in their efforts to ensure older adults’ successful participation in behavioral medicine research. ), Behavioral medicine in primary care: A practical guide. A. Sweet, R. H. Rozensky, & S. M. Tovian (Eds.). Lipowski, Z. J. Baum, A., & Grunberg, N. E. (1991). Holland, J. C. (1998). Katon, W., Ries, R. K., & Kleinman, A. Belar, C. D., & Deardorff, W. W. (1995). In P. B. Sutker and H. E. Adams (Eds. (pp. Comprehensive Psychiatry, 29, 433-440. B., Costa, P. T., & Schuster, M. M. (1988). (1990). Clinical health psychology in medical settings: A practitioner’s guidebook (pp. Secondary affective disorder in women with somatization disorder. ), Behavioral medicine approaches to cardiovascular disease prevention (pp. Archives of General Psychiatry, 55, 561-562. The Behavioral Medicine MOOC was offered by Karolinska Institutet, a medical university, on the EdX platform in the autumn of 2014. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. Additional readings: € ” ™ ± Æ ê Somatization and the recognition of depression and anxiety in primary care. Syllabus 1. Comorbid irritable bowel syndrome in patients with generalized anxiety and major depression. Walker, E. A., Roy-Byrne, P. P., katon, W. J., Li, L., Amos, D., & Jiranek, G. (1990). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. 27 “Coronary Atherosclerotic Disease” Williams, R. B. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Stamford, CT: Appleton & Lange. Ï! Washington, DC: American Psychological Assocation. 12. Pace, T. M., Chaney, J. M., Mullins, L. L., & Olson, R. A. New York: Free Press. 23 from HCPMS: Chronic Pain: Psychological Assessment and Treatment Turk, D. C. (1996). Psychotherapy and managed care. A. 229-256). ), Gender and stress, (pp. Medical sociology: A comprehensive text (2nd ed. 1-21). Cognitive-behavioral approaches to assessing pain and pain behavior. 137-171). Role of behavior theory in behavioral medicine. Hackett, T. P., Rosenbaum, J. F., & Tesar, G. E. (1988). JAOA, 89, 489-499. Health psychology. 10. 305- 328). Digestive Diseases and Sciences, 27, 202-208. Scheidt, S. (1996). The prevalence of somatization in primary care. Washington, DC: American Psychologial Association. Course language English Difficulty Introductory Platform Other Topic(s) Management Strategic Management Career Development Professional Development What you'll learn Explore the fast-growing fields of behavioral economics, behavioral … 28 in HCPMS: Psychological Characteristics and Treatment of Patients with Gastrointestinal Disorders Whitehead, W. E. (1992). In R. Allan and S. Scheidt (Eds. Washington, DC: American Psychologial Association. The student . 178-194). Stanford Medicine Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics – A Division within the Department of Pediatrics Site Nav Menu Training Stanford Medicine Explore Stanford Medicine … American Psychologist, 49, 389-404. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 20, 105-111. Manager, Behavior Change Experiences & Coaching, Program Co-Leader, Cancer Prevention & Control, Associate Professor - Preventive Medicine, Memphis, Qualitative Assistant or Associate Research Professor, Dept. Seattle: IASP Press. The cardiac psychology of women and coronary hear disease. ), Managing chronic illness: A biopsychosocial perspective (pp. If you choose to join this five-week course on Behavioral Medicine, you will learn about basic behavioral medicine … 161-168). Diabetes required readings: Ch. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 26, 139-146. Psychological approaches to pain management: A practitioners handbook. Gender differences in cardiovascular and neuroendocrine response to stressors. ), Heart and mind: The practice of cardiac psychology (pp.573-588). Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 60, 493-498. 4. Asterita, M. F. (1985). Somatization disorder: Psychologic symptoms, social disability, and diagnosis. New York: Alfred Knopf. American Journal of Psychiatry, 150, 734-741. Diabetes mellitus. In M. D. Feldman and J. F. Christensen (Eds. Rosen, J. C. & Wiens, A. N. (1979). Salkovskis, P. M. (1992). New York: Human Sciences Press. 2. 16 in HCPMS: research in the Medical Setting: Implementing the Scientist-Practitioner Model Additional readings: Ray, W. J. Students are expected to develop a self-study plan and learn the contents outlined in the course syllabus. 38-70). (1982). Asthma. Controlled prospective longitudinal study of women with cancer II: Psychological outcomes. Belar, C. D. & Deardorff, W. W. (1995). Privacy Policy | Terms of Use 39-67). Clinical health psychology in medical settings: A practitioner’s guidebook. Behavioral interviewing. Depression following myocardial infarction: Impact on 6-month survival. Gatchel, R. J. Term of Approval is from 11/04/2020 to 11/07/2020. Behavioral medicine was formally recognized as a new field in 1977 at the Yale Conference for Behavioral Medicine. (1988). Breast cancer: Detection and management. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 60, 605-612. Travis, C. B. & Herbstein, J. Fawzy, F. I., Fawzy, N. W., Arndt, l. A., & Pasnau, R. O. Emotion, psychiatric disorders, and the heart. ! › ¿ ¢ Ë 3 d x Å ö a ‚ þ 6 ­  ç N g c Ó ’ Þ \ { ‡ ¡ Z ¡ È Ü u ¦ 4 Ë è † £ Ê Ì R t ˆ  / v H P À È Ù ï ” Ä â ÷ Ž ¿ O q Ý ì – ¯ ,! Washignton, DC: American Psychological Association. A., et al. 265-276). Clinical health psychology in medical settings: A practitioner’s guidebook (pp. Additional readings: Epstein, L. H. (1992). Behavioral Medicine and Development: Overall Course Goals and Objectives At the end of the course the student will be able to: The overall goal of the course is to expose and explore M1’s to the following four themes: 1. … Psychophysiological disorders: Past and present perspectives. Baltimore: Williams and Wilkins. Seattle: IASP Press. Kirmayer, L. J., Robbins, J. M., Dworkind, M., & Yaffe, M. J. -- biology of stress reactions 2. (pp. (1989). In K. Orth-Gomer and N. schneiderman (Eds. An AASM Sleep Education Series Course Behavioral Sleep Medicine and Insomnia course March 1-2, 2008 • Hyatt Regency O’Hare • Chicago, Illinois Course Chairs: Jack Edinger, PhD VA Medical Center Duke University Daniel S. … 1- 11). ), Pain 1996- An updated review. Presenters include National Institute on Aging staff and funded investigators who will discuss NIH policy and strategies to reach and retain older adults for clinical trials. Peter Trask and Steven Schwartz Week Topic 1. Required readings: Ch. Reducing medica patients’ reluctance to participate in psychological therapies: The initial session. Comparison of treatment outcome measures for irritable bowel syndrome. Serlie, A. W., Duivenvoorden, H. J., Passchier, J., Ten Cate, F. J., Deckers, J. W., & Erdman, R. A. M. (1996). General Hospital Psychiatry, 6, 226-232. 8 (Arguments for the Financial Efficacy of Psychological Services in Health Care Settings) & 9 (Marketing Psychological Services in Hospitals) in HCPMS McDaniel, S. H. (1995).

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