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Twig is Wildbow’s (J.C. McCrae’s) third web serial, following the underground hit Worm and the successful-enough Pact. It receives 40–60 visitors a day from TV Tropes alone. [19][18][21] It received substantial attention following a favorable review by author Gavin Scott Williams roughly six months into publication, who praised the story's themes and originality. It began online publishing in June 2011 and continued until November 2013,[5][11] totaling 1,682,400 words. [10] It followed a strict publication schedule,[10][4] with new chapters released every Tuesday and Saturday, and bonus chapters on Thursdays as rewards for donations. [ ] ... As Worm evolved, the bad guy was always the bad guy Capturing Circus What S-Class Trickster would look like The probable response to capes triggered by the Simurgh What the Triumvirate were called when they had Hero, and why they split up … The Parahumans Web Serial Novel Wiki is a Wiki dedicated to everything about the Worm and Ward Web Serial Novels that anyone can edit. The story follows Taylor as she quickly gets swept up in the chaos and complexities of the 'cape' community of Brockton Bay by joining with a group of villains known as the Undersiders.Cape politics, factions, rivalries, information warfare, and the individual … https://worm.fandom.com/wiki/Worm_Wiki?oldid=38351. Please do not scroll down to the comments if you haven't finished the story as this and all of my Worm songs tend to have alot of spoilers. Worm (Web Serial Novel) has been made a synonym of Worm. Worm Web Serial. The arrival of "parahumans" in 1982 leads to a "Golden Age of Heroism", during which the majority of people with powers work for the public good. I find most of my web serials by going to top web fiction and going down the list, most of the top ones are pretty good. Later published as a standalone novel in 1969. Worm is set in a fictional, alternate universe known as "Earth Bet". Worm (web serial) Share. [27] Of these users, 99% liked the book. Worm. Pact is the second web serial novel by author Wildbow, who previously wrote Worm. [5][6] Using a combination of ingenuity, idealism, and brutality, she struggles to do the right thing in a dark world filled with moral ambiguity. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Ariel’s Dream. In 1989, after a parahuman dies trying to prevent a riot, superpowered serial killers, thieves, cults, and gang members begin to increasingly threaten public safety. This story is amazing. [9][28], A number of companies have approached McCrae to discuss adapting Worm, as well as another of his serials, Twig. fantasy horror lesbian magic mental illness romance urban fantasy. Summary: Taylor … Books similar to or like Worm (web serial) Self-published web serial by John C. "Wildbow" McCrae that aims to subvert and play with common tropes and themes of superhero fiction. And he wants to help. We do have: Analysis/Worm; Awesome/Worm; Characters/Worm; DeconstructedTrope/Worm; FanficRecs/Worm; FanWorks/Worm; Fridge/Worm; Funny/Worm; Haiku/Worm; Headscratchers/Worm; Heartwarming/Worm; Laconic/Worm; Literature/Worm; … Donation chapters and interludes excepting, there were two chapters every week for roughly two years straight. [7][15] Readership doubled when it was recommended by author Eliezer Yudkowsky on his website while the story was in its final months. As McCrae's first novel, Worm features a bullied teenage girl, Taylor Hebert, who develops the superpower to control worms, insects, arachnids and other simple lifeforms. [29] The interim story arc, Glow-worm, was released beginning October 21, 2017,[30] and the sequel, Ward, featuring protagonist Victoria Dallon, began serialization on November 11, 2017. A parahuman with the ability to teleport by swinging her sword, which allows her to occupy and attack every space between her departure and terminal point. Those wanting to read this story without any spoilers or information on the overarching plot can click Here. Save Cancel Delete. All powers can be used aggressively, regardless of manifestation. Length 11 playlists Updated April 06, 2017 playlists featuring worm, parahumans, and skitter music. Follow me, friend, into the world of Parahumans. PHO Sunday (weekly) 20.e5 (Epilogue; Victoria Dallon) 10: The Zombie Knight Saga by George M. Frost. Worm : Parahuman Web Serial - Comic Booky. 20.e2 (Epilogue; Harbinger V). Yes, Quirk isn’t the only thing that is moving online (ha!) The Worm Audiobook Project is the combined effort of a small team of fans to produce a full unabridged audiobook of the Worm … Continue reading → If I had to pick a second theme, it would be that those good intentions aren’t enough. 126. But if you really need a reason … Web serials are the future. Some communities prefer to use the Community Portal instead for wiki discussions; it's up to you. Individuals who possess powers in Worm are referred to formally as "parahumans" and informally as "capes", a term referencing the general habit of parahumans to establish an alter ego and go out in costume (with or without literal "capes"). Welcome to the Worm Audiobook Project! 11 The story was written at a rate comparable to a traditional book being published every month. [4], The title Worm has multiple potential meanings. After dividing Worm into six 300,000 word chunks, each week four-time Worm veteran Matias and literary extraordinaire Clarence cover one of Worm’s ‘books’, alternating between Close Reading and Essay episodes. Worm was a superhero web serial published on a tight schedule. [7][8] It is one of the most popular web serials on the internet,[9][10] with a readership in the hundreds of thousands. On her first night out in costume, she defeats a gang leader and is mistaken for a villain by a team of teenage parahuman thieves known as the Undersiders. Those who read them on the Worm site shouldn’t feel the need to … Wikipedia. Parahumans fan art for the series Worm by Wildbow. Worm. However, McCrae takes a pessimistic view of whether it will be successfully adapted. The amount of herculean effort and commitment that takes is something to be admired. Master, Tinker, Blaster and Thinker, Striker, Changer, Trump and Stranger. … Add new page. Manager Seraviel. The second half contains paragraphs of text from Worm itself – a greatest hits of spoilers. We’ve Got Worm completed in December of 2017, but you can listen to all the old shows below. Welcome to the Worm Web Serial Wiki forum! [27], Several publications have discussed Worm within the context of the increasing popularity of web serials,[2][11][16] and compared to the work of authors such as Charles Dickens and Mark Twain, who also wrote in the serial format. If you have not read Worm turn away now because even silly neural network bits will spoiler you. Deserted Cities of the Heart. Fargoer – End Of Innocence. Worm is sufficiently notable that it should keep its page on the project, it's had a major impact in the web serial community and is probably among the few to be at a point where it will inevitably face publication. Search. It was concluded on May 2, 2020. It is not meant to be read in isolation, and would-be readers should check out the prior work first. Comments: 362 Kudos: 2485 Bookmarks: 625 Hits: 115079. Later published … Feb 7, 2016 - Mover, Shaker, Brute and Breaker. Click on the link below to view / download this free ebook:-Worm – Web Serial (Online reading only) Share: Rate: Previous 100 Killer Free eBooks to Improve Your Health, Wealth and Happiness. I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You by vanishedSchism. Skip to primary content. Web Serial / Worm Go To × Edit Locked. Apparently unkillable, the Endbringers retreat to their respective domains to heal after they have sustained sufficient damage, only to attack again months later. Next Community Tips & Insights #9 – Best Books 2014. The Age of the Pussyfoot. "[22], Reviewers have praised the story's realism and use of consequences, contrasting it favorably with the tendency for characters to return from the dead in superhero comic books and films. Warning: There are unmarked spoilers all throughout this wiki. Posted on June 11, 2011 by wildbow. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Oct 10, 2017 Phillip Murrell rated it it was ok. action angst dark fantasy fantasy humor modern superhero undead zombies. They aren’t required reading but offer flavor and additional angles by which to view certain characters. A2: I hope to self publish and sell some somewhere down the road. [1][10] There is an IRC chatroom established for readers to comment and discuss the story, which is constantly active, as well as communities of fans on a number of online forums. Privately, Taylor plots to depose Coil if she cannot secure Dinah's release. Skitter; the name … Comics/Graphic Novels Food. Worm was first published as an online serial with two to three chapters released every week. Next Community Tips & Insights #9 – Best Books 2014. McCrae's first novel, Worm features a bullied teenage girl, Taylor Hebert, who develops the superpower to control worms, insects, arachnids and other simple lifeforms. At Coil's direction, the Undersiders seize territory and operate as makeshift warlords in the ruined city. She rises through the Protectorate's ranks over the next two years. Posted on December 10, 2014 by Guest Writer. novels are, too. Worm is a self-published web serial by John C. "Wildbow" McCrae that aims to subvert and play with common tropes and themes of superhero fiction. In 1992, a giant monster launches a devastating attack on the Marun Field, Iran. In order to acquire a power in Worm, one must suffer a trigger event: a moment of severe physical or psychological trauma. See the list below. They take the form of forum posts, chat conversations and emails. 10 Reasons Why You Should Read Worm (a Web Serial) Right Now. 11 Note: After two years in production the Worm Audiobook is finally complete! McCrae has described how he would regularly write himself into corners, so that "the desperate gambits we see are echoed by my writerly desperation to figure out a way to keep things going. Her first attempt at taking down a supervillain sees her mistaken for one, thrusting her into the midst of the local ‘cape’ scene’s politics, unwritten rules, and ambiguous morals. It has been connected to the protagonist's character development, as a "lowly, overlooked" person who is nonetheless useful and dangerous; drawing a parallel with the protagonist's power to control worms and other bugs. Rather, the Endbringers appear to … May 18, 2017. Posted on 2014-05-24 in Books. Readers who are on the lookout for trigger warnings … Published June 18, 2016 by Quirk This article has been written by Sakhi Shah (Batch of 2017). Worm by Wildbow (John McCrae) is a superhero web serial that Christophe pointed me at. Worm is an epic web serial written by Wildbow, also known as John C. McCrae, set in a world of superheroes and supervillains, known as “parahumans.” It’s basically a series of 31 short web novels, or “Arcs,” telling one massive story. Serie Web Web Series Book Series Hero Games Shadowrun Worms Art Google Cyberpunk Character Design. You should probably not read my list and just skip to reading Worm. The story is set in the fictitious city of Brockton Bay, a formerly wealthy port that has severely declined after Endbringer attacks led to the collapse of the shipping industry. In the superpowered underworld of Brockton Bay, caught in the middle of gang wars and conspiracies that cut to the core of the very origins of superpowers, Taylor is left to face the reality of having to do the wrong things for the right reasons. It is advised to read the stories up to the latest entry … The main character is Taylor Hebert, a fifteen-year-old girl who wants to be a superhero despite her not … Category:Characters | Worm Wiki | Fandom. However, Taylor grows increasingly close to the villains and finds herself unable to betray them. Play all Share Edit. Follow me, friend, into the world of Parahumans. You have been warned. Related Posts. Science fiction novel by American writer Frederik Pohl, first published as a serial in Galaxy Science Fiction in three parts, starting in October 1966. Those wanting to read this story without any spoilers or information on the overarching plot can click Here. Worm (Web Serial Novel) Characters: Taylor Hebert (Worm) Danny Hebert (Worm) Sveta (Worm) Lisa Wilbourn (Worm) Brian Laborn (Worm) Additional Tags: Alternate Power; Language: English Collections: Worm Starter Kit Stats: Published: 2014-04-28 Updated: 2017-01-01 Words: 176491 Chapters: 85/? Why do people care to read such?

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