state pattern vs strategy pattern

However, they all solve different problems. The UML class diagram for the implementation of the State Design Pattern is given below: The classes, interfaces, and objects in the above UML class diagram are as follows: Context. Strategy Pattern “Define a family of algorithm and make them interchangeable. State Pattern. Strategy Design Pattern is a type of behavioral design pattern that encapsulates a "family" of algorithms and selects one from the pool for use during runtime. Strategy is a pattern which different Strategy objects share the same abstract function, the concrete context object can be configured at run time with the concrete strategy object of a family set. The strategy pattern is also called the policy pattern. The Strategy Pattern is also known as Policy. Relations with Other Patterns. State pattern is useful when we want to maintain various states for a scenario in our program. However, one big difference is the following: Strategy Pattern is used when the whole algorithm is changed to another algorithm and the client is responsible for that, whereas, in State Pattern, the class itself manages the strategy based on the state. The Strategy design pattern is used extensively to achieve the Strategy Pattern – Design Patterns (ep 1) - Duration: 35:11. First, the strategy pattern defines a family of interchangeable algorithms. If we have to change behavior of an object based on its state, we can have a state variable in the Object and use if-else condition block to perform different actions based on the state. As MVC, controller is a case of strategy role, the view restrain the output data structure, while-as the controllers will be different at runtime, which dynamically change the output data of view. Next . This is best explained with an example. Design Pattern – Strategy Vs Template Method. The State pattern provides state-specific logic to a limited set of objects in which each object represents a particular state. Participants. The Strategy Design Pattern allows an object to have some or all of its behavior defined in terms of another object which follows a particular interface. In computer programming, the strategy pattern (also known as the policy pattern) is a behavioral software design pattern that enables selecting an algorithm at runtime. When a Strategy design pattern is implemented, such code to use the appropriate implementation class is always required. Summary: Define a family of algorithms, encapsulate each one, and make them interchangeable. Indeed, all of these patterns are based on composition, which is delegating work to other objects. State Summary. In Strategy pattern, we create objects which represent various strategies and a context object whose behavior varies as per its strategy object. Find answers to observer pattern vs. strategy pattern from the expert community at Experts Exchange In State pattern a class behavior changes based on its state. State pattern comes under behavioral design pattern category of Gang of four (GoF) design patterns. This pattern is close to the concept of finite-state machines.The state pattern can be interpreted as a strategy pattern, which is able to switch a strategy through invocations of methods defined in the pattern's interface. State Pattern Vs Strategy Pattern. Part 1. Frequency of use: Medium high. JS Visitor. Benefits: It provides a substitute to subclassing. Strategy Pattern. .NET Visitor. 24. The strategy pattern is a behavioral design pattern that enables selecting an algorithm at runtime — Wikipedia Frequency of use: Medium. Template Method and Strategy design pattern. You can pass behaviours to methods encapsulated in strategy object, a smart way of method injection. This article describes the idea in brief with an example on how to implementation it in Java. ... State pattern (TypeScript Design Patterns) - Duration: 12:26.

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